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Still haven’t demorphed.

Next to the surveillance room was another door. Ax moved quickly toward it. He pushed on it, just as I noticed the arrow taped to the wall above. “Break room,” the arrow read.

The door opened. And there, directly in front of us, were four Hork-Bajir. Seated around a card table. Elbow blades hanging casually off the chairs. Tails slung back across the floor. Each held a hand of cards tightly in his claws. A single, unshaded light bulb dangled from the ceiling.

‹Let’s try a different door.›

– Animorphs #33: The Illusion

Long live the walls we crashed through
How the kingdom lights shined just for me and you
I was screaming long live all the magic we made
And bring on all the pretenders
I’m not afraid

Long live all the mountains we moved
I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you
I was screaming long live that look on your face
And bring on all the pretenders
One day, we will be remembered

“Long Live” – Taylor Swift

Once upon a time someone did a line-by-line analysis of this song as is relevant to Rachel and Tobias and that is the true story of how I accidentally got into Taylor Swift.

Prints, etc: RedBubble | inPRNT | deviantART.

I keep thinking about Andalites. ._.

Various thoughts from these pages:

  • breathing slits/gills for lower lungs idk
  • insectoid Andalites make way more sense than mammalian Andalites
  • there’s no WAY they’d be able to effectively “absorb nutrients” in the half second each hoof makes contact with the ground when they run; maybe can suction up loose grass at walking speed, but they wouldn’t be able to pull out grass or cut it out ughhh
  • maybe they’re actually eating bugs and stuff??
  • sticky sap in hooves?? pickin’ up ants and snails and stuff???
  • bugs would be way more nutritious than grass anyway
  • maybe they also photosynthesize to make up the difference WHY NOT
  • modern Andalites obviously don’t spend a majority of their time feeding??
  • who knows
  • stalk eyes don’t need to be true eyes; probably just picks up silhouettes/lighting shifts/movement
  • do Andalites really need ears? if they have 360 vision and use thought-speak?
  • if more insectoid, stalk eyes could double as functional antennae to detect vibrations
  • Andalites don’t make sense no matter what you do

Geek Girl Con was great! Thanks to everyone who came by and said hi!! I’m especially happy that I got to blab about Animorphs to everyone who noticed or picked up my ILLINT zine. :3333

Most of the alien designs in Animorphs bug me to some degree, but as the most prominent of the lot, I think Andalites frustrate me the most. So naturally, I spent a lot of time behind the table over the weekend doodling more of them. This is not the first time I’ve tried to reason my way through their anatomical oddities, but as always, the more I think about it, the more it annoys me. :’D

Though this time is the first time it’s occurred to me that one of the (many) things that makes centaur-type creatures nonsensical is the fact that they have two sets of lungs but only one opening to breathe through… which means I guess that every other breath needs to go to the lower set of lungs, which means closing off the first set of lungs? Which is really inefficient. And it also means that they’d need to take REALLY deep breaths to get the air down that far. It’d make way more sense for them to have like, gills, or something on their sides to facilitate breathing to the second set of lungs. Do they also breathe through their feet?

Don’t even get me started on their purported digestive system…

One day I’ll write an essay about this.

So for 24hr Comic Day this year…instead of a 24-page comic, I made a 40-page zine/sketch collection. U___U This idea, the Animorphs alien collection, is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, so I’m glad I finally got around to it.

Preorders for the printed book are HERE.

5.25" x 8.25", 40 pages, BW interior, color covers. Includes 18 alien species: Andalites, Arn, Garatron, Gedds, Graffen’s Children, Helmacrons, Hork-Bajir, Howlers, Iskoorts, Ketrans, Leerans, Mercora, Pemalites, Skrit Na, Taxxons, Vanarx, Venber, and Yeerks – basically all the named sentient species with enough description for me to work with. (The non-sentient exception is the Vanarx, which I thought was just too relevant to leave behind?)

40 pages is a bit hefty for a copybon zine, so I’m getting it nicely printed instead. I was gonna have it perfect bound, but that doubles the price of the book, so saddle-stitched it remains! I’m pretty excited about it though~. 8)

A PDF download is available HERE.

I posted various WIPs on Twitter if you wanna go see more pics (and also my dumb commentary)!

Final inks, including digital corrections.

I’m sure all the relative sizes are way off. I don’t think ospreys are that big compared to baldies, and the harrier should probably be smaller? But obviously it is impossible to find ref of these dudes chillin’ on a branch together, soooo. <_<

Ugh. I didn’t mean to go so overboard with the inks because every time I do, I have no idea how to color it. :D

I never remember how many damn fingers Andalites are supposed to have.

I’ve reread the first half the series dozens of times. Particularly the 20’s. I like the 20’s. 30’s were good too. But I’m now planning to reread the 40’s to the end for the first time since their publication. I don’t know how emotionally prepared I am for the angst and disappointment to come.

Remember when all we argued about was boy bands and fashion?

I think once a year I just randomly get hit with lots of feelings about Animorphs. The breakdown of this friendship in the latter half of the series doesn’t get talked about all that much, but man. Man.

And now, here is a bit of Animorphs evangelism for you. Spoilers below; mostly super vague, but many can be guessed at if you’re at all familiar with the characters.


  • that time the bad guy literally eats the good guy (wait, that totally happens in the first book)
  • that time a classmate tried to kill them all in cold blood, but not before he kills one of their cousins, throws the body down an elevator shaft and tries to steal his identity (#21)
  • that time we have an alternate universe that opens with all the animorphs as fascists or imprisoned and their country is leading a genocidal war (MM #3)
  • that time an animorph spent an entire book plotting the murder of his mother, whom he loves (#30)
  • that time an animorph is captured then physically and mentally tortured to the point he defecates on himself and starts hallucinating (#33)
  • that time a romantic relationship came to an end because one stopped the other from killing a family member (#50)
  • that time they used a bunch of disabled kids as a diversion/cannon fodder (#53)
  • that time an animorph gets sent on a suicide mission to kill a family member (#54)
  • that time everyone got a happy ending PTSD forever

Things the good guys do in Animorphs: lie, steal, cheat, vandalize, grand theft auto, take hostages, threaten the lives of innocents, mass murder, and attempt genocide. And eternal angst over all of this.

PS these kids are 13-16 for the duration of the series! 8D

Cassie is my least favorite Animorph, but only because I could never relate to her as well as the others. She’s a really awesome character nevertheless.

Every time I think about Animorphs, I think about how everyone praised Harry Potter for getting ~*dark*~ and ~*serious*~ at the end in regards to war and stuff, but as much as I love Harry Potter, that makes me LAUGH SO MUCH because HAHA WOW ANIMORPHS > HARRY POTTER IN THE ~*SERIOUS THEMES*~ DEPARTMENT LEMME TELL YA WHAT. Ugh it frustrates me so much that probably 75% of the people who read Animorphs never finished the series (or made it to the halfway point, even) AND THEREFORE DON’T UNDERSTAND MY ANGST.

i mean yeah a lot of animorphs was stupid as hell but.

you guys it’s been twelve years and i’m still mad about this series.

Inspired by these awesome portraits.