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I can’t believe it took me this long to draw T2 as furries.

Animal choices are lazy since these are their “official” character animals, but I think they both fit the characters anyway. 

They’re both herd animals and do better with a team than on their own. Aoyagi is headstrong and aggressive, if quiet. Teshima alone is pretty useless; a zebra alone on the savanna is an easy target, but you get a bunch of zebras – you give Teshima a team – and predators won’t be able to get to any of them. :>

T2 advent mini artbooks finally came in and all preorders have been shipped!

I have one extra available in the shop, though I did go ahead and order a tiny handful more, so they’ll probably be available at spring/summer conventions if they don’t sell through the shop.

I like how the book looks alongside the Free! advent one I made last year… I look forward to having a new one every year?? I’m not sure what advent will be this year, but my guess is probably volleyballs…