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A particular horrible, terrible, no good, very bad AU.

#OC_tober day 5: Nightmare.

My original October plan was to find 31 prompt lists and then do a prompt a day from a different list, but I didn’t have the energy to actually hunt down 31 lists to start with so I guess I’m just finding them as I go and doing whatever days I feel like?? Whatever!

This one is from an OC-tober list from @/fayren on Twitter.

uhhhh sorry for all this self-indulgent crap lately; I feel like I haven’t really drawn anything “serious” in months….I just haven’t had any motivation whatsoever. 


it turns out I really like drawing six-eyed monsters though.

Stupid FE:A AU appeals to me a lot because possession/mindcontrol tropes are my jam, but there’s no place for it in Lehelle canon. Despite that, there are tons of parallels between FE:A and these characters’ story, so here we areeee.

Also, costume design is a thing I suck at, so it’s nice to just borrow some other characters’ costumes, even if these particular ones definitely have lots of stupid parts. (Excessive belts aside, Chrom, why do you have three layers of shoes.)