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Alternate universe stuff because I just reuse the same characters for everything.

#OC_tober day 5: Nightmare.

My original October plan was to find 31 prompt lists and then do a prompt a day from a different list, but I didn’t have the energy to actually hunt down 31 lists to start with so I guess I’m just finding them as I go and doing whatever days I feel like?? Whatever!

This one is from an OC-tober list from @/fayren on Twitter.

I made dogsonas for my OCs I guess…..:v

Niruphma is a tricolor saluki/borzoi mix (I just wanted those saluki ears on a borzoi). Zacchi is a….semi-smooth coat red border collie. A tricolor coat probably works better (or tricolor merle???) to reflect his human colors, but idk. Tricolor borders look weird to me. xD

uhhhh sorry for all this self-indulgent crap lately; I feel like I haven’t really drawn anything “serious” in months….I just haven’t had any motivation whatsoever. 


it turns out I really like drawing six-eyed monsters though.