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A catch-all dumping ground for art, sketches, and miscellany.

Art from the fude nib fountain pen review. Some of these are super old because I actually started that review a year ago, whoops.

Drawings to test out the Newpen Ginza Pro brush pens.

Bunch of doodles and coloring samples from the ArtSkills double-ended Brush-tip Marker review. I usually only test a few singles of a marker, but it’s nice to have a few more colors to play with sometimes. Limited palette is always a nice exercise in experimentation and compromise. Pink is a decent stand-in for a grey as far as darkening other colors go.

Drawings I did for the Moonman glass dip pen review, including some that didn’t make the review.

Vultures from the Pentel Standard VS Pocket Brush review/comparison. Here’s a video of the inking progress for one of them.