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sportsanimeolympics BR4 fills: volleyball edition. I drew all of these in a day, so they’re pretty sloppy, but I feel like I haven’t drawn much all month because of cons, so it was nice to churn out a bunch of things quickly again??

Um. This is at least 40% Miyu’s fault. <___<


Time Machine | Ingrid Michaelson
Snow White Queen | Evanescence

I Wanna Be Yours | Arctic Monkeys
Big Dark Love | Murder by Death

Bad Romance | Lady Gaga

Animals | Maroon 5
Coming Undone | KoRn

Stockholm Syndrome | Muse

Monster | Imagine Dragons
Novocaine | Fall Out Boy
Tear You Apart | She Wants Revenge
Sweet Dreams | Marilyn Manson
The Horror of Our Love | Ludo

See: Yowamushi Ghoul AU series | skip to relevant fic

Or just substitute your own one-sided yanderes.

Sorting through the last of my 2014 photos. Found a bunch of WIP photos I never posted. Sorry for the variable quality; my old phone liked to switch resolutions on me for no reason.

The finished piece is here + prints on RB and dA