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“Loki, our parents aren’t–”

Your parents,” Loki snarled. “Face it, Odinson, you’re the only one here with a family.”

“No,” Clint said, looking at him, surprised. “I said we don’t have parents.”

“No one ever said anything about family,” Natasha agreed, also turning.

“We’re not staying here over Christmas because we don’t have families,” Steve said.

“We’re staying here because our families are here,” Bruce confirmed quietly.

“What these saps said,” Tony said with a shrug and another sip of wine.

“Come home for Christmas, brother,” Thor said. “Or don’t. But you have a family either way.”

More HPvengers.

Bruce Banner (Ravenclaw, 5th Year, prefect; halfblood) is a genius in Muggle sciences, particularly chemistry and physics, though his magical talents lag behind in comparison. Bruce is interested in combining science with magic in hopes of boosting his magical powers and making new discoveries. He experiments constantly, with Potions and Transfiguration in particular, attracting the interest of Tony Stark, who enjoys pestering him for knowledge of Muggle “magic.”

As a result of scientific inclinations, he is much closer to his Muggle mother than his wizard father, who becomes increasingly jealous. In his third year, his father is sent to Azkaban for murdering his mother. Already isolated by his intellectualism and shyness, Bruce is further ostracized by the student body for his relation to a killer and begins to develop anger problems.

More HPvengers.

Stephanie wanted more HPvengers and Noelle wanted Pokemon!Loki and who am I to say no.

I know it’s weird that Lokimon is an owl but not a Flying-type, but I just like drawing him as an owl. A cat is probably more appropriate. He could be an Espeon that is secretly also an Ice-type. Also, I spent way too long devising a reasonable moveset. In other news, Defeatist is probably the most depressing ability ever. ;3;