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It came to my attention that I never posted the art for my Haikyuu!! buttons?? 

These are from last Septemberish. Fullbodies of Noya and Tanaka not included up top because I used the art from some other doodles.

You can get the Karasuno set here. (I’m sorry Ennoshita is missing…) Maybe when S2 rolls around, I’ll draw the rest of the other teams. I dunno!

“Free!” remains the most annoying inconvenient name for a series ever, lol.

Anyway, yeah! Buttons of the chibis from this thing. You can buy them here or here!

I got a button machine recently (FINALLY), so I’m probably gonna be making a lot of new button designs ahead of Chibi Chibi Con this Saturday because I can! 8__8 Being able to press my own stupid buttons feels like a superpower somehow.

Sorry, guys. I was gonna make some dinosaur buttons, but I think I’m just too frustrated about everything regarding Otakon to draw anything else new, and I gotta get the button order out tonight.

So I made buttons out of a bunch of my bird speedpaints. And Hawkwardeye was feeling left out or something idk.