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I picked up the 2.4mm Pilot Parallel today, so I can finally play with the gradient effects outside of swapping cartridges in a single pen.

Unfortunately, the store only had black, blue-black, and HOT PINK inks in stock, so I guess I’ll be doing a lot of pink/black fades for a while. I think it’s a bit rough since the colors are so different, but I guess I have six cartridges of pink to play with, so I can try to figure out how to control how fast the fade goes, etc. Would really like to test out more subtle gradients though, like green to blue or something.

PS – yeah, the lyrics are wrong. I was going by memory, sorry.

I think I’m just gonna periodically clear out my calligraphy queue in the middle of the night. Anyone that’s totally sick of calligraphy can just block the #calligraphy tag I guess!

Lowercase s’s are the hardest to keep in line with everything else. :

Admittedly, my adventures in calligraphy so far are basically “let’s write all of my favourite quotes and lyrics pretty.” I filled up my small 40 page sketchbook already (and a gazillion random note sheets). I’ll get one with lines next so I can start actually thinking properly about letter forms and stuff instead of halfassing everything on a gross slant because I can’t write straight for the life of me.

chewichews said: You do requests? You should write “The sky has fallen. We are doomed.” lol :>

Sure, why not.

If anyone else has calligraphy requests, feel free to send them in. If there are a lot, I will probably wait and post them in batches because there is already way too much calligraphy on this blog, hahaha.

Amateur calligraphy continues. So far I’ve learned that:

  • This pen is hella bleedy, even in my sketchbook, which usually holds up pretty well.
  • I have no idea how to write in a straight line (actually I knew that already).
  • I do not like the lowercase “d” in Gothic-style lettering.
  • I really like writing with the edge of the corner, but I have like zero control when I do so. The Parallel is also kinda inconsistent with when it wants to actually write when I use just the corner.
  • It turns out really cool when the inkflow is inconsistent in the middle of a letter, but I wish I could figure out how to control that better.
  • Calligraphy is kinda weird because letters are formed in ways that are completely different from when you write normally.
  • Calligraphy is really a thing you should do on a flat surface (VS a tilted surface), so I really shouldn’t use my sketchbook, maaaah.

Lyrics by Coldplay, Ingrid Michaelson, and Imogen Heap.

Variations on a theme.

I’m using this damn pen so much it isn’t even worth it to scan everything. TOO MUCH LETTERING. I swear I’ll end up going through another two ink cartridges before the week’s out whoops I’m on the fourth cartridge now. FOUR INK CARTRIDGES IN A WEEK damn I love this pen.

Uh. I hope you guys like calligraphy because I finally caved on a Pilot Parallel on my last Jetpens order and I’m kind of in love with this pen. I used up an entire ink cartridge in less than a day.

If you didn’t already know what my favourite songs were, boy howdy you’re gonna know soon. <_<

Working on a thing and I wanted to hand letter stuff, as usual.

I forgot HOW GREAT the Kuretake #33 was for calligraphy. The brush tip is really “flicky” though so if you’re not careful, you end up with weird flicks on strokes that wouldn’t normally have flicks. Had a lot of trouble with 蟲 for that reason. My pen ran dry while doing this…but I think have a few candidates I like, at least. (All the thick brushy stuff is the Kuretake #33)

The medium Zebra brush pen was also pretty good, though it produces a less brushy style of lettering (last page, bottom right). I tested a coupla other pens, including the Tombow dual brush, but they all had kinda disappointing results. The Pentel pocket brush was also pretty blah for this.

Lessons learned: neither the Kuretake #13 nor the Pentel pocket brush are meant for calligraphy. They aren’t long enough and calligraphy pens need to be physically long because you hold them differently than normal pens.

Also, fuck traditional Chinese characters holy crap. <_< I will stick to simplified. I am distantly ashamed of myself.