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Remember when all we argued about was boy bands and fashion?

I think once a year I just randomly get hit with lots of feelings about Animorphs. The breakdown of this friendship in the latter half of the series doesn’t get talked about all that much, but man. Man.

And now, here is a bit of Animorphs evangelism for you. Spoilers below; mostly super vague, but many can be guessed at if you’re at all familiar with the characters.


  • that time the bad guy literally eats the good guy (wait, that totally happens in the first book)
  • that time a classmate tried to kill them all in cold blood, but not before he kills one of their cousins, throws the body down an elevator shaft and tries to steal his identity (#21)
  • that time we have an alternate universe that opens with all the animorphs as fascists or imprisoned and their country is leading a genocidal war (MM #3)
  • that time an animorph spent an entire book plotting the murder of his mother, whom he loves (#30)
  • that time an animorph is captured then physically and mentally tortured to the point he defecates on himself and starts hallucinating (#33)
  • that time a romantic relationship came to an end because one stopped the other from killing a family member (#50)
  • that time they used a bunch of disabled kids as a diversion/cannon fodder (#53)
  • that time an animorph gets sent on a suicide mission to kill a family member (#54)
  • that time everyone got a happy ending PTSD forever

Things the good guys do in Animorphs: lie, steal, cheat, vandalize, grand theft auto, take hostages, threaten the lives of innocents, mass murder, and attempt genocide. And eternal angst over all of this.

PS these kids are 13-16 for the duration of the series! 8D

Cassie is my least favorite Animorph, but only because I could never relate to her as well as the others. She’s a really awesome character nevertheless.

Every time I think about Animorphs, I think about how everyone praised Harry Potter for getting ~*dark*~ and ~*serious*~ at the end in regards to war and stuff, but as much as I love Harry Potter, that makes me LAUGH SO MUCH because HAHA WOW ANIMORPHS > HARRY POTTER IN THE ~*SERIOUS THEMES*~ DEPARTMENT LEMME TELL YA WHAT. Ugh it frustrates me so much that probably 75% of the people who read Animorphs never finished the series (or made it to the halfway point, even) AND THEREFORE DON’T UNDERSTAND MY ANGST.

i mean yeah a lot of animorphs was stupid as hell but.

you guys it’s been twelve years and i’m still mad about this series.

Inspired by these awesome portraits.