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you are my sunshine / you are my shadow

SUNSHINE prints, etc, on RedBubble | inPRNT | deviantART
SHADOW prints, etc, on RedBubble | inPRNT | deviantART

If anyone’s interested in commissioning similar pet portraits — any species, your choice of flower, 9×12 watercolor — they’re $120 + shipping. Email me (kiriska/gmail)!

Reblogging these because all this month catprint will include one of these prints with all their orders! And with spring convention season just around the corner, now is a really great time to try out Catprint if you haven’t already!

Seriously, I can’t recommend them enough. :O Flat rate shipping, lots of paper stock options, and awesome customer service are the three things that sold me on them. This referral link gets us both 10% off if you buy through it!

The boys turned one recently.

Cory’s birthday should be right around the beginning of July, but Rin’s birthday is probably closer to early/mid-June. CLOSE ENOUGH THOUGH. I’ve decided that the first Wednesday of July will serve as both their birthdays because I’m a huge dork. Obviously.

Though setting kitty birthday to coincide with swimming anime premiere also meant I was too distracted to actually draw this on time.

I’m a bad parent.