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In his third year, Clint got into the habit of watching each of the other teams practice. Just watching was fine, but it frustrated him when he saw the Snitch and the practicing Seeker did not.

Eventually, it accumulated in his leaping from his perch in the announcer’s tower, kicking off on his broom, and grabbing the Snitch himself, nevermind that Slytherin had the pitch for practice.

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Left is a scraped science bros comic I may rework later. Right is Clint/Nat Seeker shenanigans.

HELLO, all you new people that probably started following me because of HPvengers. :O I’m glad you’re enjoying my silly headcanons. I have a lot of ideas I want to and will doodle and share, but I’ll probably…make a point to spread them out a bit because I have a really bad habit of turning dumb for-fun things into overblown side projects, stressing myself out, and then hating it. :D

So in between subsequent HPvengers-related doodles, please be prepared for daily sketches that frequently contain OCs, various studies, speedpaints, and other such things. You can browse the archive for an idea of variety.

“Loki, our parents aren’t–”

Your parents,” Loki snarled. “Face it, Odinson, you’re the only one here with a family.”

“No,” Clint said, looking at him, surprised. “I said we don’t have parents.”

“No one ever said anything about family,” Natasha agreed, also turning.

“We’re not staying here over Christmas because we don’t have families,” Steve said.

“We’re staying here because our families are here,” Bruce confirmed quietly.

“What these saps said,” Tony said with a shrug and another sip of wine.

“Come home for Christmas, brother,” Thor said. “Or don’t. But you have a family either way.”

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Natasha Romanoff (Slytherin, 5th Year, prefect, Seeker; pureblood) was raised in a Muggle orphanage after her parents are killed. Relatively adept at controlling her small bursts of magic at an early age, she was able to channel and magnify her abilities through simple sticks and ordinary objects like spoons and forks well before receiving her first wand. She wanted to keep the magic to herself and became skilled at lying to her caretakers. The other children caught on though and came to fear and hate her, frequently attacking her before she had a chance to concentrate on magic. As such, Natasha learned to fight back physically as well. At Hogwarts, Charms and DADA become her best subjects.

Clint Barton (Hufflepuff, 5th Year, Seeker; halfblood), along with his older brother, grew up in the same orphanage as Natasha after his parents are killed. His magic was unpredictable and mild as a child, but his heritage was never a mystery to him. Fascinated by Natasha’s ability, he made a point to protect her from the other kids when she became overwhelmed and got really good at hitting people in the head with rocks. At Hogwarts, in addition to being the best Hufflepuff Seeker in many, many years, Trasfiguration and Care of Magical Creatures are his best subjects.

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