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Rainfurrest was fantastic! Huge thanks to everyone who stopped by.I really appreciate the support! <3333

I did exactly 50 commissions over the weekend, 30 of which were in color, my most ever. @___@ This included 17 badges of various types.

Since I was commuting to the con, I managed to get scans of the stuff I brought home and finished at home. I’ll post in a few batches, along with the photos of the commissions I don’t have scans of.

Thanks again to everyone at the con! See ya’ll next year~ 8D

My next con is Geek Girl Con; I’ll post a map closer to the date.

General commission info here.

A badge example and a badge commission I did yesterday at Rainfurrest. Am back here today through the weekend. Come at me, fuzzies, I don’t have nearly enough to do. :O

ALSO: All color commissions (including sketch cards and all badge types) increase $5 Saturday and $10 Sunday. What? I want you to commission me today? Is it obvious? :D

Here’s a map if you need, but come on Dealer’s Den is small. I’m facing the back. Find me!

Pony badge examples for Everfree NW… in hindsight, I should have made Teshima’s pony name “Tea Time” and Aoyagi’s “!!!”… as if that would make it any less obvious my brain is trapped in bike hell. 8)

Badges like this are $35 and do come with clips, I’m just still waiting on my slot puncher to arrive. :> If anyone would like to order a badge for pick-up at the con, email me (“kiriska” uses gmail).