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It came to my attention that I never posted the art for my Haikyuu!! buttons?? 

These are from last Septemberish. Fullbodies of Noya and Tanaka not included up top because I used the art from some other doodles.

You can get the Karasuno set here. (I’m sorry Ennoshita is missing…) Maybe when S2 rolls around, I’ll draw the rest of the other teams. I dunno!

About to hit the road and head out to Kumoricon!

Here’s the Artist Alley map, if you missed it.

I’ll have limited quantities of both T2 zines and my short T2 doujin, so come by early!

Also, though they’re hard to see here, I have 21 new button designs, including most of the Haikyuu! cast that I was missing, some Nozaki-kun, and some Punpun.

Though I have a few more comic cons this year, this is my last anime con of 2014, so please come by and talk to me about sports anime. ;3;

“Free!” remains the most annoying inconvenient name for a series ever, lol.

Anyway, yeah! Buttons of the chibis from this thing. You can buy them here or here!

I got a button machine recently (FINALLY), so I’m probably gonna be making a lot of new button designs ahead of Chibi Chibi Con this Saturday because I can! 8__8 Being able to press my own stupid buttons feels like a superpower somehow.

I put Lokidokis on a zipper bag. :>

They, along with my other zipper bags, are available at my webstore aaannnd…..I finally caved and got a Storenvy as well. It annoys me that I can’t handle international orders well in my main store, and Storenvy’s connected marketplace is really nice for customers, so.

The Storenvy has a really limited selection at the moment. I’ll be adding more stuff this weekend, but if you want something specific in there, just let me know. :o

My Free! mini artbooks arrived way sooner than expected! :D And they look really nice!!

The colors are nice and saturated without going overboard or being too dark. All the interior pages are printed to bleed and nothing got cut off weird. The spine on the wraparound cover is a little jankity, but it isn’t that noticeable. Inside the hardcover, the pages are saddle-stitched, so no glue involved, yaaaay.

I will be shipping out preorders tomorrow! And I still have a few extra copies if anyone wants ‘um! If I have any left over, I’ll also have these at Chibi Chibi Con on the 22nd!

Eehehehe I’m so happy with how these turned out, dang. *__*

It’s about that time, I guess! :V I just updated all my online shop things, so here’s the full list of places you can buy things from me online:

Fake Lemonade Stand – Main online store with order fulfillment by me! Has most of the items I have available at conventions including buttons, bookmarks, prints, postcards, and the pictured zipper bags, which are new!

The biggest downside of this store currently is that I can’t handle International orders through it. If you’re outside the US and want something though, please feel free to email me with what you’d like to buy and I’ll process your order manually. :)

RedBubble Shop – Very limited selection of designs available as prints, stickers, T-shirts, and other stuff.

deviantART Shop – Limited selection of designs available as prints, wrapped canvas, greeting cards, postcards, and magnets.

Sorry, guys. I was gonna make some dinosaur buttons, but I think I’m just too frustrated about everything regarding Otakon to draw anything else new, and I gotta get the button order out tonight.

So I made buttons out of a bunch of my bird speedpaints. And Hawkwardeye was feeling left out or something idk.

I’m pretty sure most convention artists put things in sets just so they can make fun packaging and not because it makes any strategical sense.

My 2012 convention schedule is here.

My bookmarks got here today! Come find me at Comicpalooza or A-kon this weekend or next to get your own! :3

Still waiting on the buttons and some prints that will hopefully get here by Thursday. And I still have to staple a billion minicomics with a regular stapler ahahahahaha…