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Charlie of dailycoyote passed away recently. 

Shreve’s daily photos of him have been a nice constant in the background of life for over a decade and have provided me with lots of inspiration and reference in that time.

Gonna miss him, but he was long-lived and well-loved, and I’m grateful Shreve choose to share him with all of us.

Rest well, Charlie.

A badge example and a badge commission I did yesterday at Rainfurrest. Am back here today through the weekend. Come at me, fuzzies, I don’t have nearly enough to do. :O

ALSO: All color commissions (including sketch cards and all badge types) increase $5 Saturday and $10 Sunday. What? I want you to commission me today? Is it obvious? :D

Here’s a map if you need, but come on Dealer’s Den is small. I’m facing the back. Find me!

I like the greytone on the Pilot Futayaku better, but otherwise the pen has nothing on the Tombow Dual Brush. The tips are garbage and the inkflow is reaaaaaally inconsistent. Maybe I just got a crappy pen? Might buy another of each to see…