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December 18th

Teshima forgets his gloves and so is borrowing Aoyagi’s for a bit. Kuroo, as usual, makes fun of Teshima for neediness and clinginess and mimics him with Kenma, asking to borrow gloves. Kenma swats him away. Aoyagi thinks Kenma being tsundere is amusing. Teshima zoned out of this conversation a while ago.

T2/K2 double datesssssss. :’D I’m just really invested in the idea that Aoyagi and Kenma are friends.

More T2 Advent Calendar.

“I can show you the world~.”

“From the back of your eight-legged horse child?”

“Would you prefer the giant wolf?”

“Sounds more comfortable.”

“Giant wolf it is then.”

“It’s nice you got the all kids in the divorce.”

I wanted to make the joke, but didn’t want to effort with the doodle I guess. <_<