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I think it’s interesting I’ve been using mostly the same color combos with Posca drawings… dark blue/light blue/pink go well together and red/black/yellow go well together. I’ve been having a really hard time thinking of things to draw using the dark green. Really wish I had a different shade of green. 🤔

Will be in the Sakura-Con art show if I can find a frame this size… which might be unlikely. :/ (it’s 8.5×5.5") But if not, it’ll be in my shop.

Kinda mixed on how this turned out. Tailmon/Gatomon had always been really hard for me to draw because her proportions are so cartoony. And those gloves are so awkward. I dunno.

I definitely had a fan digivolution for her that was a big feral tiger and easier to draw. :v


“Why aren’t there more official pictures of WereGarurumon for reference?” Probably because NO ONE WANTED TO DRAW HIM MORE THAN ONCE omg. Does he really need 14+ belts, zippers, brass knuckles, and spiked kneepads. Really.

Original will be in the Sakura-Con art show, unless someone makes a good offer before then! Prints debut at TFF!