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Hi, new followers! Thanks for finding me at ECCC! It was a lovely weekend!

You probably noticed it at the table, but I’m really all over the place with art in both style and subject matter, so if you’re just interested in one thing…sorry. :’D I bounce fandoms a lot as far as art goes, but chances are I’m still really into that one thing you haven’t seen art for in ages (including my own OCs lol…).

If you’re still in town or missed ECCC, I’ll be at Sakura-Con this coming weekend, same convention center, same exhibits hall! Way in the back, facing the back wall, haha. Find me there!

In other news, my hair is teal now. Thanks dr-kara for helping me with that and also being a great house guest. <3333 Can’t wait for next year!


Emerald City Comic Con’s at the end of the month! The biggest show of the year!

Me n’ dr-kara will be at GG-7 and GG-8 on the north side of skybridge in the massive, massive exhibits hall. Kara is actually in the exact same spot she was last year, so that’s nice, if you actually remember where that was. ;D I’ll be on the corner next to her!

It occurred to me after drawing our bouncing heads that it’s probable that both of us will change our hair by the time the show rolls around, lol.

Friends nearby include clevergirlfriend + mewblood at BB-1, deathspell13 at DD-9, and cryptovolans + starlock at HH-1! I think everyone else is MILES AWAY on the south side of the skybridge….. sorry friends I’ll probably never see you…. @_@

See full Artist Alley & Exhibitors lists & full map here!

ECCC is this weekend! 8__8 See you there!

OKAY. Finished this comic! Here are the first 7 pages!

The full 24 pages of silly comics drama and will debut at Emerald City Comic Con next weekend! If you won’t be at ECCC or another show I’m attending this year, you can also grab a copy from:

Storenvy (physical book) | Gumroad (digital PDF)

Preorders for the physical comic will ship directly after ECCC.

Emerald City Comic Con

Just a quick note that I will be at Emerald City Comic Con this weekend. I’m not tabling, but I’ll have a base camp at Dr. Kara’s table at GG-08 where I’ll be helping out!

My goal for the weekend is to go look at every single artist table and to say hi to all my friends because these are things I never get to do when I’m tabling, haha. I’ll probably be wandering around in Rin cosplay half the time too because why not. (It occurs to me that I totally have the clothes for thug gambler!Rin as well…)

Out of town people, we have to have dinner or coffee or drinks or something! Lemme know! If you don’t have my number, Twitter DMs go straight to my phone, so it’s the same as texting anyway~. Excited to see everyone!