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Unassuming lil fox Pokemon turns into all manner of weird things.

Marker test Vaporeon

From the Daiso Illustration marker review. I hate how often I use this pose, but it’s the easiest way to fit a big dumb tail onto the page. ¯\_(ಠ_ಠ)_/¯

Zip zap. 

January’s #copiccolors with some substitutions because I don’t have all the markers: G82 (Spring Dim Green), Y19 (Napoli Yellow), B91 (Pale Greyish Blue).

I could’ve sworn that Sugimori’s original art for Jolteon had only nostrils and not a solid-colored nose, but this seems not to be the case??? I guess the nose was always drawn so tiny that baby me just interpreted it as a nostril and I’ve always drawn Jolteon this way and no one ever corrected me?????

Sylveon uses Sand Attack FRUSTRATION??

For my Eevees attack series. I really, really didn’t want to do Sylveon until they announced its type, but it’s looking like that isn’t gonna happen anytime soon and I also wanted to finish up the series in time for my summer cons, so. This could really be any number of attacks…in fact most of the TM moves that all TM-learning Pokemon can learn are pretty hilariously aggressive, haha.