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#OC_tober day 5: Nightmare.

My original October plan was to find 31 prompt lists and then do a prompt a day from a different list, but I didn’t have the energy to actually hunt down 31 lists to start with so I guess I’m just finding them as I go and doing whatever days I feel like?? Whatever!

This one is from an OC-tober list from @/fayren on Twitter.

Predictably my patience and tolerance for filling in large areas of flat color is basically basically zero. Should’ve maybe gotten thicker pens than 0.7, but if I can’t do detail work what’s the point!!

Better to just use these for detail work on top of flat areas painted in acrylic or something.

The second prompt for the #teratologychallenge is achondroplasia, of which this is a very poor example, but I think it’s a difficult condition to portray since it’s common in selective breeding.

But also like, idk what the normal leg length for a multi-eyed noodle beast would be anyway and i… normally draw them like this so is this just a weird breed of them and they’re supposed to have longer limbs? Who knows????