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Swim anime sure was a time…

I thought of like ten things to caption this with, but I’ll just let you supply your own awkward and/or inappropriate remark by Nagisa.

This was the last of the new winter-themed art I made for my mini artbook. Was keeping it saved so those who preordered the book could see it first, but I figured I’d go ahead and post it now before it’s too out of season. x3
 Most of the other pieces in the book are under the advent calendar tag.

“Free!” remains the most annoying inconvenient name for a series ever, lol.

Anyway, yeah! Buttons of the chibis from this thing. You can buy them here or here!

I got a button machine recently (FINALLY), so I’m probably gonna be making a lot of new button designs ahead of Chibi Chibi Con this Saturday because I can! 8__8 Being able to press my own stupid buttons feels like a superpower somehow.