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Swim anime sure was a time…

December 24th

Remember last Christmas Eve
When we sat next to our first tree
Ornaments reflected light
Of a candle in the night

And I gave you a music box
Back then that seemed like so much
We watched it go round and round
As the melodies unwound

But all these things are now long gone
And not to be wished upon again

Music Box Blues” – Trans-Siberian Orchestra

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December 19th

♪ It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. ♫

Rin is stalking them, and Team Iwatobi (+Nitori) is stalking Rin to make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid. Separately, Team Samezuka is stalking to cheer on Mikoshiba from the shadows. Gou is probably aware of all this, while Mikoshiba remains blissfully ignorant.

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December 12th

As with volleyball, Nagisa and Rin always win when they’re on the same team in snowball fights.

Nagisa is small and quick and has a startlingly long range and accurate throw. Rin is less skillful in almost all areas, but he is, of course, very competitive, hates losing, and will fight to the last scrap of snow.

Meanwhile, Makoto is a large target and is both terrible at dodging and terrible at aiming, though when he does lands a hit, his target is usually stunned for a few seconds. Rei takes too long to throw snowballs. He over-calculates every situation and by the time he’s figured out the optimal throwing angle and velocity, one of the conditions has changed, or he’s been hit by a snowball.

Haruka finds snowball fights too troublesome to bother with and will typically spend most of the match hiding, not getting hit, and not throwing snowballs. When, inevitably his team falls around him, he will opt to surrender and suggest they all get something warm to eat, like mackerel cooked in miso.

Haruka doesn’t like it when Nagisa and Rin are on opposite teams because then the snowball fight never ends. Makoto is never sure whether he should bring up the fact that he and Rin are equally annoying in almost all other situations.

Growing up with three asshole sisters, you can’t tell me that Nagisa isn’t a snowball fighting champion.

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December 10th

“Rei-chan, what do you want for Christmas?”

“…All I want for Christmas is you.”

“Ehhh? That’s boring. I WANT A PENGUIN.”

“B-Boring?? A penguin??”

“You already have me, so it’s boring! Yeah, I want a penguin!”

“…. *BLUSH*….”

Nagirei penguin date requested by Stephanie. Accidentally romantic Nagisa brought to by Too Much Christmas Music.

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December 7th

“Is Gou-chan really that hard to shop for?”

Yes. I have no idea what she likes. Since you also have a little sister and spend a lot of time with her, I figured you’d be useful.”

“Well, I’m happy to help, but Ran is much younger than Gou-chan… Nagisa has sisters too, you know?”

“Nagisa has older sisters. That’s different. And I’m pretty sure he gets them coal every year anyway.”

“…That’s probably true.”

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December 5th

So on that night
When the sky had cleared
Among all the stars
An angel appeared 

And then a sound filled the night
In the cold winter air
And in the midst of his flight
It was holding him there 

And as he looked towards the earth
For the source of this sound
On that cold winter night
It was pulling him down

 "An Angel Came Down“ – Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Halo brushes by lily-fox.

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