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Process part 2/2 for Uranus and Neptune. (Part 1 is here.)

If you’re wondering, I mostly use Niji waterbrushes because they’re thicker and easier for me to grip, and the synthetic bristles means I’m not constantly worried about ruining the tips. But I’ll swap to a nice Raphael brush for fine details because that’s really hard to do with a waterbrush.

Tools: Holbein Acryla Gouache, Daniel Smith watercolor tubes, Yasutomo Niji water brushes, Raphael Kolinsky sable no. 2 brush.

Prints, etc: RedBubble | Society6 | inPRNT

Process part ½ for Uranus and Neptune. (Part 2 is here.)

Tools: Holbein Acryla Gouache, Daniel Smith watercolor tubes, Yasutomo Niji water brushes, circle template.

Prints, etc: RedBubble | Society6 | inPRNT

Process photos for there is no story

It’s impossible to photograph, even in good light, even on video, but this whole painting sort of glitters because of the gold ink. There are sparkles everywhere, not just in the yellow. I hope I have a reason to put this in a show at some point because it’s way nicer looking in person.

Prints, etc: inPRNT | RedBubble | Society6

Process shots for Wolfsbane.

This didn’t turn out the way I wanted and I was really frustrated with it at the end, which is why I ended up throwing a bunch of textures on it. I think I should have stopped one or two shots from the end. I had a hard time with the color scheme. I know I’ll end up revisiting the idea again soon, though maybe not with watercolors.

Sorting through the last of my 2014 photos. Found a bunch of WIP photos I never posted. Sorry for the variable quality; my old phone liked to switch resolutions on me for no reason.

The finished piece is here + prints on RB and dA

And then I blew up some of the colors in Photoshop~~ though really what I should do is layer down more washes before I start detailing. Meh.

Also the smeared brown ink was totally a mistake, but I rolled with it. XD

Process shots for Seattle.

It would be that the first time I render an aurora borealis, I do it primarily in freakin’ marker. This piece drove me freakin’ nuts in general, but I’m pleasantly surprised and pleased with the results?? The colors aren’t quite as saturated on the original, especially at the bottom, but they’re are otherwise not that far off.

The companion piece for this is alicorn Twilight, which will hopefully be finished in another day or two.