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Volleyball times.

sportsanimeolympics BR4 fills: volleyball edition. I drew all of these in a day, so they’re pretty sloppy, but I feel like I haven’t drawn much all month because of cons, so it was nice to churn out a bunch of things quickly again??

Uhh, #hq_69min had a “marching band” theme recently and did you know band AUs are my jam. Pretend I had an orange brush pen instead of a weird periwinkle one though.

(Oboes don’t march, but they still bloody exist okay.)

It came to my attention that I never posted the art for my Haikyuu!! buttons?? 

These are from last Septemberish. Fullbodies of Noya and Tanaka not included up top because I used the art from some other doodles.

You can get the Karasuno set here. (I’m sorry Ennoshita is missing…) Maybe when S2 rolls around, I’ll draw the rest of the other teams. I dunno!

December 18th

Teshima forgets his gloves and so is borrowing Aoyagi’s for a bit. Kuroo, as usual, makes fun of Teshima for neediness and clinginess and mimics him with Kenma, asking to borrow gloves. Kenma swats him away. Aoyagi thinks Kenma being tsundere is amusing. Teshima zoned out of this conversation a while ago.

T2/K2 double datesssssss. :’D I’m just really invested in the idea that Aoyagi and Kenma are friends.

More T2 Advent Calendar.