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I put Lokidokis on a zipper bag. :>

They, along with my other zipper bags, are available at my webstore aaannnd…..I finally caved and got a Storenvy as well. It annoys me that I can’t handle international orders well in my main store, and Storenvy’s connected marketplace is really nice for customers, so.

The Storenvy has a really limited selection at the moment. I’ll be adding more stuff this weekend, but if you want something specific in there, just let me know. :o

It’s about that time, I guess! :V I just updated all my online shop things, so here’s the full list of places you can buy things from me online:

Fake Lemonade Stand – Main online store with order fulfillment by me! Has most of the items I have available at conventions including buttons, bookmarks, prints, postcards, and the pictured zipper bags, which are new!

The biggest downside of this store currently is that I can’t handle International orders through it. If you’re outside the US and want something though, please feel free to email me with what you’d like to buy and I’ll process your order manually. :)

RedBubble Shop – Very limited selection of designs available as prints, stickers, T-shirts, and other stuff.

deviantART Shop – Limited selection of designs available as prints, wrapped canvas, greeting cards, postcards, and magnets.


all the nice things that cas and i have commissioned from kiriska

Dang, look at all those chibis. XD

I think more people should commission me for Marauder shenanigans and/or Wolfstar, yesssss. <3333 Though I think my favorite of this lot is actually Regulus catching the Snitch? Not sure why. Just like how it turned out. :3

But yay! Thanks for this picture! It’s pretty awesome seeing them all together! You guys are the best. ♥