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Last night’s #ywpd_69min, “bouquet.”

Toudou likes to get Makishima really ridiculous bouquets where none of the flowers match or go together at all. Makishima gripes about it because he knows Toudou is making fun of him, but he secretly loves them anyway.

Meanwhile, the florist kind of hates Toudou.

For #ywpd_69min’s “pajamas” theme.

It starts out that most of Aoyagi’s sleep shirts are Teshima’s old and stretched out t-shirts. Gradually, Teshima’s old clothes begin to make up Aoyagi’s normal wardrobe, and eventually, Aoyagi is wearing nothing but Teshima’s hand-me-downs. Sometimes though, Teshima buys clothes he thinks Aoyagi would look nice in and sticks them on his side of the closet without saying anything. Aoyagi never notices and wears them without comment.

December 12th

As with volleyball, Nagisa and Rin always win when they’re on the same team in snowball fights.

Nagisa is small and quick and has a startlingly long range and accurate throw. Rin is less skillful in almost all areas, but he is, of course, very competitive, hates losing, and will fight to the last scrap of snow.

Meanwhile, Makoto is a large target and is both terrible at dodging and terrible at aiming, though when he does lands a hit, his target is usually stunned for a few seconds. Rei takes too long to throw snowballs. He over-calculates every situation and by the time he’s figured out the optimal throwing angle and velocity, one of the conditions has changed, or he’s been hit by a snowball.

Haruka finds snowball fights too troublesome to bother with and will typically spend most of the match hiding, not getting hit, and not throwing snowballs. When, inevitably his team falls around him, he will opt to surrender and suggest they all get something warm to eat, like mackerel cooked in miso.

Haruka doesn’t like it when Nagisa and Rin are on opposite teams because then the snowball fight never ends. Makoto is never sure whether he should bring up the fact that he and Rin are equally annoying in almost all other situations.

Growing up with three asshole sisters, you can’t tell me that Nagisa isn’t a snowball fighting champion.

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