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I draw more Hogwarts AUs than I’ll ever draw Harry Potter fanart.

Groot and Rocket (Professors of Herbology, Hufflepuff) caused quite a controversy when they were hired, as non-humans are prone to do. Neither had attended Hogwarts or any other Magical school (and were honorarily Sorted into Hufflepuff upon their arrival), but they were clearly magical. Despite (or rather because of) their oddness though, the pair are rather popular amongst the student body.

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“So this is why you didn’t want to tell me what your Patronus was.”

“Don’t even start, Steve.”

“I should have guessed!”

“How about we just hurry up and figure out what your Patronus is?”

“Have you named it? Because it could get confusing–”


“We can’t name it Steve; that would be even more confusing.”

“I hate you.”

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James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes (Gryffindor, 6th Year, Quidditch captain & Chaser, prefect; halfblood – MIA) was Steve Rogers’ best friend. Always the more talented wizard, Bucky was recruited to contribute to war efforts ahead of his friend, but was captured by enemy forces.

As a prisoner, he was subject to similar but different experiments involving superhuman strength and magical amplification. Unfortunately, the full extent of his capabilities were never fully realized by either himself or others. Bucky lost his wand in an ensuing battle, was stunned, and fell to his presumed death in the mountains in 1945.

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Obsessing over Free! has led me to agonize over way too many cute comics on Pixiv. I hate bothering fluent friends to translate for me, so I’ve kind of unwittingly been re-learning my kana and a handful of kanji and I think this is hilarious. Maybe I’ll finally give this language learning thing a serious shot who knows.

Putting a compulsive eater like Nagisa in the house by the kitchens seems like a dangerous thing.

In his third year, Clint got into the habit of watching each of the other teams practice. Just watching was fine, but it frustrated him when he saw the Snitch and the practicing Seeker did not.

Eventually, it accumulated in his leaping from his perch in the announcer’s tower, kicking off on his broom, and grabbing the Snitch himself, nevermind that Slytherin had the pitch for practice.

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Odin Allfather (Minister of Magic, Gryffindor; pureblood) has been Minister of Magic for over a hundred years, and it’s difficult for many wizards to imagine anyone else leading their careful society. It had been a sure thing, winning the seat after stopping the years-long Giant Invasion, and there simply hasn’t been anyone impressive enough to challenge the incumbent in a century. As Odin has aged, his strange coma-like restorative sleeps have become more frequent, and some have speculated that he’s grooming his elder son for his position. This is met with mixed opinions though. They’re not a monarchy, after all, and Thor is just a little too bullheaded to be a suitable minister, isn’t he?

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Nick Fury (Head of the Auror Office, Slytherin, former Quidditch captain & Beater; halfblood) gets things done, but he will get things done his own way. If your rules and guidelines hold him back, slow him down, or are otherwise just stupid, then he will elect to ignore them. In the end though, things get done. Just don’t ask why he doesn’t get a magical eye put in that empty socket of his; in that case, you’ll get a string of colorful profanities and something about how Mad-Eye was an idiot anyway.

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Margaret “Peggy” Atwell nee Carter (Head of Gryffindor, Professor of Charms, former Chaser; halfblood) accepted a long time ago that Steve Rogers would probably never wake again, so when it actually happened, she had a hard time believing it. He does not recognize her though: her name is different than what he remembers, and she has grown so very, very old. Probably it’s for the best though, so she makes no effort to reveal herself. He is a student again, and she is his teacher. Again. It is all very nostalgic, but she’ll just keep the memories to herself.

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This is my first major divergence from canon, MCU or otherwise, where Peggy remains unmarried. But I really needed a Gryffindor Head of House and this was a good way to do that while still postponing awkwardness with Steve until I have a better idea of what they’re doing in Captain America 2. Now, I just need a Hufflepuff Head of House. D;