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WELL…since bikes is all about how friendship is magic….

Really dumb crossover rambling below!

I didn’t really bother thinking of serious cutie marks for anyone because I figured that running/racing wasn’t really a special talent for any of them. They just all like to run. Since a lot of cutie marks seem kind of career-based, Toudou might have something for hot springs or whatever? Maki-chan can have something fashion-related? I’m only following the anime at the moment, so idk what happens to them after they graduate…

Some of them might end up racing for a career, sure. Maybe Imaizumi would have something that depicted speed or…obsessive dedication, haha. WHO KNOWS. I don’t think I was thinking much about a real MLP crossover as much as I just wanted to draw them as ponies. Naruko would probably be a pegasus, too. Maybe Toudou also. Hmm.

The joke cutie marks I have for Toudou and Onoda are a mirror and a princess crown, btw… 8D;;