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I’m pretty proud of this year’s Inktober!

It’s probably the most cohesive year I’ve had even though I fluctuated a little with self-imposed supply rules. (I intended to use an inking pen, the teal-green fountain pen ink + one Copic per piece, but inevitably got carried away and needed more colors, haha. Also randomly used a brush pen to ink two of the pieces.)

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Inktober 31: Viscum album
(European mistletoe, common mistletoe). 

Poisonous: entire plant.
Symptoms: inflamed eyes, dilated pupils, slowed heart rate, hallucinations, coma.

Fun fact of the day: European mistletoe is more toxic than American mistletoe, which is in a different genus (but same family) of plantae.

Also you get a xmas plant for Halloween because xmas is just full of toxic goth plant decor as far as I’m concerned.

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25: Rhododendron luteum
(yellow azalea, honeysuckle azalea). 

Poisonous: entire plant.
Symptoms: nausea, vomiting, muscular weakness, slowed heart rate, coma, death.

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Today I learned that genus Rhododendron has a long and fun history of taxonomical bitchfighting. :’) Like, subgenera aren’t uncommon but this is the first time I’ve run into “section” as a taxonomical division??

Botanical taxonomy is hella complicated: Genus > subgenus > section > species > subspecies > variety > form > cultivar?? Cultivar in the classification is interesting to me since I dont think anyone does that with mammal breeds?

Anyway it’s no surprise I find taxonomy weirdly fascinating as someone who likes lists, classifications, and order. :V

Another good azalea tidbit: “Azaleas and rhododendrons were once so infamous for their toxicity that to receive a bouquet of their flowers in a black vase was a well-known death threat.”