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“I can show you the world~.”

“From the back of your eight-legged horse child?”

“Would you prefer the giant wolf?”

“Sounds more comfortable.”

“Giant wolf it is then.”

“It’s nice you got the all kids in the divorce.”

I wanted to make the joke, but didn’t want to effort with the doodle I guess. <_<

Forgot to make Jotun!Loki’s eyes red, oops. Still playing around with Echidna!Loki? I just think his costume elements fits really well into Sonicverse designs.

In other news, this week has been ridiculous and polarizing, but I’ve now seen the Avengers four times in theatres. A personal record for ridiculousness, but apparently some people at Comicpalooza have already seen the movie 10+ times, so I don’t feel as crazy. Even if it just means I’m surrounding myself with crazier people.