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The boys turned one recently.

Cory’s birthday should be right around the beginning of July, but Rin’s birthday is probably closer to early/mid-June. CLOSE ENOUGH THOUGH. I’ve decided that the first Wednesday of July will serve as both their birthdays because I’m a huge dork. Obviously.

Though setting kitty birthday to coincide with swimming anime premiere also meant I was too distracted to actually draw this on time.

I’m a bad parent.

Really late to the witchsona bandwagon, but whateverrrr.

The other color I’ve always wanted in my hair was green, but it’ll probably never happen because green looks terrrrrrible when it starts to wash out, haha.

Cor would be a good proper witch cat that hisses at strangers and looks all around intimidating and Rin would be is the problem child that knocks everything over into the cauldron resulting in explosions and mutated flesh.

(PS – Slytherin4lyfe.)