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Mu ha ha, as evidenced by my tumblr, I can look at Eruri all day, every day. So Eruri (either or both) in #17 or #25, your choice! (Thank you~~~~ <3 <3 <3)


“I’ve said you’re not allowed to touch me before you’ve showered, haven’t I?”

“But you smell so good…”

“Because I’ve showered, you disgusting swine.”

This week’s color palette.

I’ve been pretty strict on these challenges, staying with the given colors and not using overlay/multiply layer; I haven’t even really been playing with opacity much. But this one made me realize that there is a point where such a limitation stops being a challenge and starts being detrimental to the piece.

Having such a saturated color as my darkest color really sucked, haha. There is way too much red here, but there wasn’t enough contrast between the remaining colors for me to do what I wanted with the scene. Then again, probably such a scene wasn’t the best choice for the color palette either.

Mostly mumbling to myself. Gotta find a better balance.