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Stuff for the Sakura-Con Art Show!

A whole bunch of matted originals and a one-off canvas print of “Slipping,” since I actually don’t want to part with the original for that just yet.

This is last year’s map, but the art show will be in the same place this year: the second floor of the Washington State Convention Center, by the side elevators (not the main elevators). The charity auction is in the same room as the art show!

Art show public hours are Fri 12pm – 9pm, Sat 10am – 9pm, and the live auction is usually noon Sunday?

Go look at things!

“I can show you the world~.”

“From the back of your eight-legged horse child?”

“Would you prefer the giant wolf?”

“Sounds more comfortable.”

“Giant wolf it is then.”

“It’s nice you got the all kids in the divorce.”

I wanted to make the joke, but didn’t want to effort with the doodle I guess. <_<

I put Lokidokis on a zipper bag. :>

They, along with my other zipper bags, are available at my webstore aaannnd…..I finally caved and got a Storenvy as well. It annoys me that I can’t handle international orders well in my main store, and Storenvy’s connected marketplace is really nice for customers, so.

The Storenvy has a really limited selection at the moment. I’ll be adding more stuff this weekend, but if you want something specific in there, just let me know. :o

“This is your chance to redeem yourself.” He hesitated for just a moment, then released the seal on the glass prison.

“Redeem myself?” Loki stood. He did not laugh, but Thor could hear the thorny amusement in his voice. “For what? What have I done wrong? What have I ever done, but try to be your equal?

"But I suppose it’s my fault for not realizing sooner that that was impossible. No pretend prince, pretend son, could be equal to the Almighty Thor. So I thought I’d cut you down to my level. Was that wrong too? If we couldn’t stand side by side on a throne, then we could sit side by side in a dungeon. You are the one to insist on our brotherhood. Shouldn’t we be equals?

"And yet, you’re not asking for my help. Never! Of course not! Why should a king ask for help from a prisoner? No, you’re giving me the chance to redeem myself. Ever the altruist! Even in your desperation, your time of great need, you can’t stand the idea that you aren’t better than me.”


At the last table at the end of the last row of bookshelves, he’d finally found his brother contentedly sitting amidst a messy collection of books, parchment, and quills.

“Brother, you’ve betrayed me,” Thor said, unraveling his Transfiguration homework across the table. “All the answers you gave me were incorrect!”

Loki did not deign to look up from whatever it was he was reading, but an unrepentant smirk slid into place on his face. “Yes, well,” he said. “That’s what happens when you cheat, I suppose.”

“You’re the one who offered to help! I didn’t want to cheat, but I really needed the grade! You knew that!”

“Thor,” the Slytherin said, turning to him finally. “I haven’t even taken that class yet. Why would I know the answers?”

“Because you’re clever! I trusted you!”

At this Loki’s smirk became a grin and Thor could see laughter in his eyes. “Well, it looks like Gryffindor will be down a Beater tomorrow if Atwell won’t let you play now.”

“That was your ploy?! Did you make a wager against Gryffindor??”

Loki laughed openly now. “The odds are stacked in your house’s favor still, brother,” he said. “Though I suppose that might change if Rhodes also befalls some tragedy… there’s not another Keeper, after all.”

“Loki, you’re a conniving little cretin,” Thor said, though for some reason he could not help but also laugh. “What have you done to James??”

Thor rolled over in his bed. It had been two years since that conversation. James Rhodes’s arms both sprouted tentacles that afternoon, but he had played in the game anyway. Gryffindor still lost, but only just barely; Ravenclaw beat them by fifty points or so. It had amused him, at the time, that Loki had gone to such lengths, not even to help his own house win, but just to see Gryffindor lose. He supposed it still kind of amused him.

They had not spoken for a while, and though he was certain that Loki still had plenty of schemes, they’d become subtler, and he was no longer privy to the details. Even before, he had not known about everything, and he had not understood Loki’s motivation on most occasions, but still. There had been a basic sort of trust. He didn’t approve of everything his brother did, but he’d gladly take another failing grade in Transfiguration to get even a little of that trust back.

More HPvengers.

Loki will probably die in Thor 2. Probably while saving Thor. Probably while impulsively saving Thor. Thor won’t notice until it’s too late because he’ll be preoccupied with Jane. But there will be a body. No ambiguous falling into the abyss this time. Villains past their time as the final boss have only two options: die, or reform, and we know it can’t be the latter. So.

And I mean, he can come back as Kid Loki or whatever because he’s “a god” and it’s comic books and it’s superheroes and no one dies when they are killed, but that’s not really the point.

Black and white ink on one of those Bristol pad backing boards. 9”x12”. Original is for sale.