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In the next movie, Loki will team up with Peter Pettigrew and the Yeerks to retrieve the blue box and resurrect Voldemort so they can infest him and a legion of morph-capable humans (wizards??) to use against the Avengers who will have reservations about killing thousands of innocent people being used as Controllers. And stuff.

/sage nod

Thor and Captain America are obviously Gryffindors. Tony I’ve listed as Gryffinclaw because he could be either, but Bruce is full Ravenclaw probably. And Natasha is Slytherin and Hawkeye is Hufflepuff. Oh, Coulson is a Hufflepuff too, clearly.

These were important things that needed to be figured out.

The chest ring on Loki’s costume first reminded me of tazzy devils. And then it reminded me of Knuckles. But Knuckles is more like Thor than Loki (punch first, think later durrhurr). Enter crossover idea wherein Knuckles has an adopted brother (possibly of some Legionaires?) who grows into a jealous jerk and harnesses the Master Emerald for evils and wants to throw Knux off Angel Island and rule and be king and stuff. …This really isn’t very farfetched for Sonicverse and I can totally see it happening. :|

Originally I was gonna color him black, but then it was hard to tell which parts of him were “skin” and which were costume pieces. But I think I might have liked him black better.

My bookmarks got here today! Come find me at Comicpalooza or A-kon this weekend or next to get your own! :3

Still waiting on the buttons and some prints that will hopefully get here by Thursday. And I still have to staple a billion minicomics with a regular stapler ahahahahaha…

HP!Loki can’t be a (full) giant (frost or otherwise) because giants can’t produce magic, so Muggle-born made the most sense to me. The dialogue here suggests Marauder-era placement, but it would probably work better a century or two prior? But then I couldn’t have concurrent placement with the rest of the HP!Avengers without time shenanigans, which I guess could blah blah blah blah…

#rambling headcanons #shut up kiri

Forgot to make Jotun!Loki’s eyes red, oops. Still playing around with Echidna!Loki? I just think his costume elements fits really well into Sonicverse designs.

In other news, this week has been ridiculous and polarizing, but I’ve now seen the Avengers four times in theatres. A personal record for ridiculousness, but apparently some people at Comicpalooza have already seen the movie 10+ times, so I don’t feel as crazy. Even if it just means I’m surrounding myself with crazier people.

hey loki maybe you can’t be the king of asgard, but you can be a princess? is that ok.

oh man he looks like an ugly stepsister, crap.

fandom does stupid things to your brain. .-.