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Groot and Rocket (Professors of Herbology, Hufflepuff) caused quite a controversy when they were hired, as non-humans are prone to do. Neither had attended Hogwarts or any other Magical school (and were honorarily Sorted into Hufflepuff upon their arrival), but they were clearly magical. Despite (or rather because of) their oddness though, the pair are rather popular amongst the student body.

Professor Rocket has a sharp tongue and a short temper, but his penchant for action, explosions, and not-so-secret desire to entertain make for very interesting classes (it seems a surprising number of magical plants produce substances that can cause explosions). Professor Groot is a creature of few words, but he is kind and patient and teaches effectively through example.

The professors’ mysterious origins are a popular gossip topic. They’re believed to be ex-Ministry, and many students speculate that Rocket’s wand is actually a branch from Groot.

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“So this is why you didn’t want to tell me what your Patronus was.”

“Don’t even start, Steve.”

“I should have guessed!”

“How about we just hurry up and figure out what your Patronus is?”

“Have you named it? Because it could get confusing–”


“We can’t name it Steve; that would be even more confusing.”

“I hate you.”

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James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes (Gryffindor, 6th Year, Quidditch captain & Chaser, prefect; halfblood – MIA) was Steve Rogers’ best friend. Always the more talented wizard, Bucky was recruited to contribute to war efforts ahead of his friend, but was captured by enemy forces.

As a prisoner, he was subject to similar but different experiments involving superhuman strength and magical amplification. Unfortunately, the full extent of his capabilities were never fully realized by either himself or others. Bucky lost his wand in an ensuing battle, was stunned, and fell to his presumed death in the mountains in 1945.

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“I asked you to help me with Potions, not to sit on my back and play Pokemon,” Bruce said.

Tony might have noticed that he sounded more irritated than usual, but his Flaafy was so close to evolving.

“Tony!” Bruce said, louder this time, but it almost immediately turned into an exasperated sigh. “I regret giving that DS to you. Where did you get it charged anyway? I thought you ran out of battery a few weeks ago.”

“Oh, I meant to ask you,” Tony said, not looking up from his game. “Why don’t we have a generator power thingy set up in our room? Jane has one set up in hers to charge all her Muggle stuff. Electricity is basically what Muggles have instead of magic, seems like.”

“That’s–wait, Pepper let you into the girls’ dorms?”

“Pepper was busy putting out a fire in the common room.”

“A literal one?”

“It might have been breathing literal fire.”


“Only a little!”

Bruce sighed again and looked back at his cauldron, which was bubbling a little faster now as the potion heated up. “So are you going to help me with this homework or not?”

“You put too many cricket legs in,” Tony said, still not looking up from his game. “It should explode in another few seconds and then you can start over.”

“What?” Bruce looked down at his notes, then at the textbook, then quickly at the cauldron again. “Why didn’t you–”

And then the potion exploded. After that, Bruce didn’t ask for Tony’s help anymore.

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