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Loki will probably die in Thor 2. Probably while saving Thor. Probably while impulsively saving Thor. Thor won’t notice until it’s too late because he’ll be preoccupied with Jane. But there will be a body. No ambiguous falling into the abyss this time. Villains past their time as the final boss have only two options: die, or reform, and we know it can’t be the latter. So.

And I mean, he can come back as Kid Loki or whatever because he’s “a god” and it’s comic books and it’s superheroes and no one dies when they are killed, but that’s not really the point.

Black and white ink on one of those Bristol pad backing boards. 9”x12”. Original is for sale.

In his third year, Clint got into the habit of watching each of the other teams practice. Just watching was fine, but it frustrated him when he saw the Snitch and the practicing Seeker did not.

Eventually, it accumulated in his leaping from his perch in the announcer’s tower, kicking off on his broom, and grabbing the Snitch himself, nevermind that Slytherin had the pitch for practice.

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Odin Allfather (Minister of Magic, Gryffindor; pureblood) has been Minister of Magic for over a hundred years, and it’s difficult for many wizards to imagine anyone else leading their careful society. It had been a sure thing, winning the seat after stopping the years-long Giant Invasion, and there simply hasn’t been anyone impressive enough to challenge the incumbent in a century. As Odin has aged, his strange coma-like restorative sleeps have become more frequent, and some have speculated that he’s grooming his elder son for his position. This is met with mixed opinions though. They’re not a monarchy, after all, and Thor is just a little too bullheaded to be a suitable minister, isn’t he?

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Nick Fury (Head of the Auror Office, Slytherin, former Quidditch captain & Beater; halfblood) gets things done, but he will get things done his own way. If your rules and guidelines hold him back, slow him down, or are otherwise just stupid, then he will elect to ignore them. In the end though, things get done. Just don’t ask why he doesn’t get a magical eye put in that empty socket of his; in that case, you’ll get a string of colorful profanities and something about how Mad-Eye was an idiot anyway.

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