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Best bird.

MERRY SPOOKYTIMES : Spooky Bird Collection

Hoping to have sticker sheets in time for Kawaiiween in a few weeks, but in the meantime, you can get individual stickers, as well as shirts, totes, and the whole shebang on Redbubble, which has 20% off sales every Monday.

Skeleton | Candy Corn King | Headless | Witch | Vampire | Pumpkin 

Undead | Bat | Frankenbird | Mad Scientist | Mummy | Pumpkinhead

Process shots for Dream’s End.

Sorry for the inconsistent lighting… sometimes I painted at noon and sometimes I painted at midnight. <_< 

The last photo has an Instagram filter on it; it’s not that orange in real life. Looks nice that way though… Maybe I could’ve adjusted it that way digitally, though there are an infinite number of ways I could tweak colors digitally and I always get super frustrated with the possibilities. At some point you just have to decide to stop.

I never had their gijinka portraits turned on for the game, so some of their gijinka forms kinda surprised me after the fact… (like Yuuya being a megane??) I don’t particularly care for some of them, but will probably warm up to them as I go…

I do want to redesign Iwamine and Nanaki so they’re chubbier like their true bird selves though. :>