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Do you like birds? Would you like to help free me from this giant stack of originals? All are ink on 8.5×11 cardstock. Some of them have half-finished drawings or sketches on the back. 

Basically everything is make an offer?? Looking for around $20+ shipped for inktobers (a little more for the ones I particularly like…) and $45+ shipped for parrots. I can also color any of these in marker for extra. Want a bird you don’t see? I’m open for commission, too. ;> Email me at kiriska/gmail to discuss!

The inktober alphabet birds can be seen individually here. Most of my other birds with words originals are also still available.

Would anyone be interested in the original ink drawings of the recent birds with words stuff? All of them were digitally colored, but inked traditionally on 5″x7″ Bristol, except “birds are assholes” which is on 9″x12″. Some of the them had digital corrections made also.

The small drawings are $35 each, shipped as-is in the US ($40 shipped internationally), or if you’d like me to color the drawing with markers, it’d be $75 shipped ($80 int’l). “Birds are assholes” is $50 shipped as-is ($55 int’l) or $85 shipped colored ($90 int’l). All of them will be signed on the front. Email me at kiriska/gmail if interested!

The following are SOLD: bleeding heart dove (”fight me”), crow (”murder of one”), titmouse (”don’t worry”), chickadee (”it’s cool; be cool”), and robin (”viva la revolucion”).

Prints, stickers, shirts, and other goods are still available here.