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Other random AUs because why not!

For Various Reasons, here is Runewriters band AU. 

(Xira is vocalist, Sev is drums, Quentin is guitar, Jonan is bass, Esra is manager, Tareth is head roadie, Aember is a fangirl who somehow infiltrated and became another roadie?? Iavin is not pictured but he is a bouncer who hates them all.)

And also Xira riding dragon!Sev into the sunset to fight evil by moonlight or something, also for Reasons.


Uhh, #hq_69min had a “marching band” theme recently and did you know band AUs are my jam. Pretend I had an orange brush pen instead of a weird periwinkle one though.

(Oboes don’t march, but they still bloody exist okay.)

PUNK AU T2 I GUESS. idek anymore, guys.

I’m ordering prints today and most of it is T2 stuff, so I’m probably only going to order a very minimal amount since all of these have obviously been hella self-indulgent. If you want one, you can pre/order here.

Orders containing preorder items will ship after Kuronekocon (August 2-3). If you happen to order 3 or more T2 items, I will throw in the copybon T2 zine I’m working on, which will be 24 BW pages of T2 sketches and ink drawings, more than half of which I haven’t posted anywhere. u_u (I’ll add the actual zine to the store once I have it finished up.)