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“Rin, your fashion sense is getting worse.”

“Shut up! I don’t want to hear that from someone who bought himself mackerel mittens! Besides, you got the same jacket!”

“We have to match, and it was too much trouble to argue.”

“Then you can’t complain! Are you smirking?

“You should at least decide if you’re wearing the jacket or not. Why is it half on and half off?”

“Oh my god Haru, shut up!”

“It’s a good thing no one listening to the CD will be able to see your ugly jacket.”

Shut up already!

Seriously though. <_< Also that is the most awkward fistbump I’ve ever seen, omg.

Finished yay~.

Not sure how many of these I’m gonna order. Feel a little iffy because I’ve never ordered books from this company before and I’m unsure of the quality, which is why the original plan was to just get one for myself.

If anyone is seriously interested though, you can preorder here. Preorders will only be open for like, a day. :’D


January 28th, 2014 – 4 Days and 16 Hours until Matsuoka Rin’s Birthday!

By kiriska:

I tried so hard
And got so far
But in the end
It doesn’t even matter

“In The End” — Linkin Park

N-No one said I had to draw happy birthday art…. :’x

My special talent is making everything depressing. :’D

But a February birthday means that it probably coincided with Rin’s last days in Australia before moving back to Japan for the spring semester, and naturally he spent the day alone looking gloomily over Sydney Harbour because he had no friends overseas. At that point he was resigned to give up on swimming completely, yeah?

If Free! takes place in present day, then the Sydney Olympics were a good while ago, but probably the hoodie belonged to his dad or something (he kept it in good condition okay) anyway because it’d have been waaay too big for him in 2000.

Now just go on and imagine four-year old Rin yelling at a TV with his dad while they watch the Olympics together. :>