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Commissions from Sakura-Con! And also a Mermicorno friend and food.

Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by the table or went to see the Art Show!! 

Artist Alley changes this year were stressful, but staff did their best and I appreciate that. Honestly, I really love having Sakura as my “home town” con and even though I don’t always remember or recognise people immediately, it’s always great seeing people again or just being told people remember me. Meeting new people is cool too, and I’m super thankful that @grittysugar agreed to share her table with me this year!

You’re all great. Thanks so much. <33

Commissions from Sakura-Con!

Thanks to everyone who visited, and especially to those of you who make a point to come back year after year. You’re all great. <3 Sorry I was a bit out of it this weekend. @_@ Hope to see some of you again at ECCC in two weeks?? I will be even loopier then! 8D

Next weekend though: ATLANTA, I’m comin’ for you!

omg thanks for an AMAZING SAKURA-CON you guys. o_o YA’LL CLEANED ME OUT.

It was my Best Show Ever and I was really overwhelmed by the busyness and everyone’s support. My original Amaterasu drawing sold via direct buy in the Art Show on Friday, and everything about the weekend was just crazy and unexpected.

Thanks everyone who stopped by to chat! Especially those of you who flailed with me about birds and bikes! <33 I hope to see you all again next year. ;v;

Here are a few sketch commissions from the weekend!

I’ll be flying out to Atlanta for FWA in a few days so if you happen to live on the other side of the country and like fuzzy animals, come find me. 8)

Some of the commissions I did at Sakura-Con.

I finally posted the con report for Sakura. It’s backdated to May 9th since that’s around when I wrote most of it. I had wanted to finish and post my ECCC report first so they could be chronological, but my ECCC report got really personal and is going to need a lot more editing before I can post it, so. <_<

Right now priority is finishing at least a draft of my ACen report before I leave for MomoCon Thursday, though chances are I won’t be able to edit/finalize/post it before I go.


So at Sakura-Con yesterday, someone came up to my table and immediately said “I need you to draw me Bucky Barnes.”

Turns out she specifically needed me to draw him seven times with seven different hairstyles. And one Steve reacting.

Still at the con today, but I think it’s safe to say this was the best commission I’ll get this weekend, omg.

(I think the ribbons and pigtails is my favourite.)

Stuff for the Sakura-Con Art Show!

A whole bunch of matted originals and a one-off canvas print of “Slipping,” since I actually don’t want to part with the original for that just yet.

This is last year’s map, but the art show will be in the same place this year: the second floor of the Washington State Convention Center, by the side elevators (not the main elevators). The charity auction is in the same room as the art show!

Art show public hours are Fri 12pm – 9pm, Sat 10am – 9pm, and the live auction is usually noon Sunday?

Go look at things!

What I wore Saturday at Sakura-Con. :>

I think I confused some people who couldn’t tell if I was cosplaying or not. (I wasn’t, unless megane Slytherin!Loki butler with barrettes is a thing (which I would not object to, tbh).)