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Hey, Seattle friends. Last chance to see me this year!

By the way, I’m going to start using my mailing list a lot more moving forward.

Almost every social media platform has been doing their alogrithmic timeline thing, which makes the popular more popular and the unknown more unknown and is really just inconvenient for everyone! I’ll still be using them all, but if you don’t wanna rely on social media to keep up with me and my goings on, you can: 

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12 sunsets from the Fremont Bridge, July-September 2015.

Was sorting some photos from this year. I love seeing how different stuff can look at the same place and approximately the same time on different days, so I thought this compilation would be fun to put together since I have so many photos from this location, haha. :)

Been doing the art on the random chalk pillar at Canary Salon.

The first one is pretty sloppy since it was really impromptu and I wasn’t sure what to do, haha. I like the other two a lot better though and accept there’s only so much I can do to align lettering without any measuring tools and while standing on a salon chair, working while my hair’s processing. 8D