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@xibxib: Are you dressed as a Slytherin today.
Me: These are just clothes I own; I’m a Slytherin every day.

Not shown: Slytherin kneesocks. 

In my defense, the scarf is the only thing I bought for myself. It’s the warmest scarf I own and it’s been colder than usual in Seattle lately. Everything else was gifts from enabler friends, so. Anyway, people are supposed to be obnoxious about their alma maters right. 8D

Hi, new followers! Thanks for finding me at ECCC! It was a lovely weekend!

You probably noticed it at the table, but I’m really all over the place with art in both style and subject matter, so if you’re just interested in one thing…sorry. :’D I bounce fandoms a lot as far as art goes, but chances are I’m still really into that one thing you haven’t seen art for in ages (including my own OCs lol…).

If you’re still in town or missed ECCC, I’ll be at Sakura-Con this coming weekend, same convention center, same exhibits hall! Way in the back, facing the back wall, haha. Find me there!

In other news, my hair is teal now. Thanks dr-kara for helping me with that and also being a great house guest. <3333 Can’t wait for next year!