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Finished tattoo commission.

Available on shirts, stickers, and other goods on Redbubble.

The client was gracious enough to allow others to enjoy this design on various products, but please DO NOT get this design tattooed. Many thanks for your courtesy.

If you’d like to commission your own tattoo, I recommend signing up for my mailing list for first dibs on upcoming commission availability.

Process photos for there is no story

It’s impossible to photograph, even in good light, even on video, but this whole painting sort of glitters because of the gold ink. There are sparkles everywhere, not just in the yellow. I hope I have a reason to put this in a show at some point because it’s way nicer looking in person.

Prints, etc: inPRNT | RedBubble | Society6

I liked my dandelion & bones washi tape design enough to make a full pattern out of it. This took way longer than anticipated, but on the bright side, the repeat isn’t super obvious on most items since it’s a large and weird-shaped tile.

Get it on things at RedBubble or Society6.

Feel free to use the tile as a background on stuff; just link back to me somewhere visible. ♥

The tips on both my Pentel pocket brush and my Kuretake #13 are pretty worn out now, after many years of use, so I finally caved on the Kuretake #40, which is basically the same brush as the #13 except with sable hair instead of synthetic. We’ll see if it actually lasts longer though…