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Got some basic linocut supplies to play around with. Gone through a few iterations of refining this block and still want to do some adjustments, but it’s been a good learning experience.

I’ll probably write a proper blog post about this eventually, but in the meantime, random test prints will be included with orders of $25+ online and in person (see me this Sunday at Black Owl Market!) for as long as I have them.

A bunch of my golden snake stickers
came trimmed unevenly along the border. Many of them are cropped very
close to the art on the left side as well. I wasn’t happy with the
unevenness, but the stickers otherwise turned out great! The gold areas
are metallic and shiny while the rest of the art is opaque. I also like
black background stickers most of the time, I put stickers on surfaces
that aren’t white, so the darker background helps them blend into the
item more.

It seemed like a waste to throw out the poorly trimmed ones, so I’m
included the defect stickers free with every order until they’re gone.

Meeting notes from the other day.

I don’t have a proper map, but I’ll be at Anthro Northwest this weekend! I’m right at the entrance of Dealer’s between Goldenwolf and Goldendruid, haha. This is the last place I’m taking commissions for the year, if that’s a thing you’re interested in!

Process for Snake.

Sorting through my photos from the last few months. Hope you like process photos.

Prints, etc: Redbubble | Society6 | inPRNT

Tools: Zebra brush pen (super fine),

Pentel pocket brushCopic markersStrathmore 300 series smooth Bristol.