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‘Souls RPG is the longest running play-by-post forum RP (remember those?) in its genre.

Pretty baby is pretty. :33333

Gehenna and his siblings are 56.25% domestic dog, 25% coyote, 12.5% timber wolf, and 6.25% red wolf, with the dog percentages being some mix of borzoi, saluki, and pharaoh hound. Though I guess we only track numbers for the lulz ‘cause character design ends up fudgy anyway. 8D

I am having second thoughts about those tear stripes. What if I just made the whole front of the muzzle dark? HRMMM. …Ugh, this is why all of my other characters have boringass markings.

But I guess it is already too late to change his markings because people have already drawn me cool shit of him and he hasn’t even been born yet, oops. <_<