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Some on location watercolor speedpaints while I was in Zhaoqing visiting family.

Most of these are quite a bit off since I was working pretty fast (30-45 minutes each) and couldn’t look both down at the paper and up at the scene at the same time. The bridge painting is also only half finished because I got rained on working on it, but I kinda like how it turned out anyway.

Also, I’m not used to painting outside in 100 F and max humidity…. it’s hard to paint when paint doesn’t dry. :’)

Tools: Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolor travel set, (also squeezed in a bit of Daniel Smith Payne’s Gray before I left since the set doesn’t have a grey) Yasutomo Niji water brushes, some 03 tech penrandom flat brush, Strathmore 400 Series Watercolor paper in 5.5″ x 8.5″.

This week’s color palette.

I’ve been pretty strict on these challenges, staying with the given colors and not using overlay/multiply layer; I haven’t even really been playing with opacity much. But this one made me realize that there is a point where such a limitation stops being a challenge and starts being detrimental to the piece.

Having such a saturated color as my darkest color really sucked, haha. There is way too much red here, but there wasn’t enough contrast between the remaining colors for me to do what I wanted with the scene. Then again, probably such a scene wasn’t the best choice for the color palette either.

Mostly mumbling to myself. Gotta find a better balance.

19 minutes, reference.

I have this problem where when I find a brush I like, I don’t use anything except that brush for weeks and months on end…I used a different brush for this, but I spent the whole time annoyed with it (Frenden’s pencil: 6B is decidedly not a good speedpaint brush lol) and wishing it were the brush I’d been using recently – which is Frenden’s “pencil: grease”, if you were wondering.