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12 sunsets from the Fremont Bridge, July-September 2015.

Was sorting some photos from this year. I love seeing how different stuff can look at the same place and approximately the same time on different days, so I thought this compilation would be fun to put together since I have so many photos from this location, haha. :)

19 minutes, reference.

I have this problem where when I find a brush I like, I don’t use anything except that brush for weeks and months on end…I used a different brush for this, but I spent the whole time annoyed with it (Frenden’s pencil: 6B is decidedly not a good speedpaint brush lol) and wishing it were the brush I’d been using recently – which is Frenden’s “pencil: grease”, if you were wondering.

Man, it is hard to do speedpaints from reference in SAI because SAI doesn’t let you pop the canvas out of the program? You also can’t drag your eyedropper out of the program to get colors outside like you can in Photoshop. I guess the first issue won’t be as big a problem once I shift over to my new desktop though (23" screen yessss).