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“Loki, our parents aren’t–”

Your parents,” Loki snarled. “Face it, Odinson, you’re the only one here with a family.”

“No,” Clint said, looking at him, surprised. “I said we don’t have parents.”

“No one ever said anything about family,” Natasha agreed, also turning.

“We’re not staying here over Christmas because we don’t have families,” Steve said.

“We’re staying here because our families are here,” Bruce confirmed quietly.

“What these saps said,” Tony said with a shrug and another sip of wine.

“Come home for Christmas, brother,” Thor said. “Or don’t. But you have a family either way.”

More HPvengers.

Tony Stark (Ravenclaw, 5th Year, Quidditch captain & Chaser; pureblood) displayed signs of powerful magic from an early age and demonstrated unusual control over his abilities. Many speculated that he had NEWT-level abilities and knowledge of magic by the time he was seven or eight. Unsurprisingly then, he spends most of his time at Hogwarts causing trouble, showing off, and excelling at everything (except Divination and Muggle Studies) with little effort. After befriending Bruce Banner, he becomes fascinated with Muggle “magic” and is determined to master it as well.

Stark Industries creates and sells powerful magical weaponry, such as as staves, fortified wands, enchanted bows, axes, etc, and magical bombs, as well as specialized potions and toxins. These tools are used prominently by Ministry Aurors, but also by wizards fighting turf wars with giants in the north and with vampires in Europe.

Stephanie wanted more HPvengers and Noelle wanted Pokemon!Loki and who am I to say no.

I know it’s weird that Lokimon is an owl but not a Flying-type, but I just like drawing him as an owl. A cat is probably more appropriate. He could be an Espeon that is secretly also an Ice-type. Also, I spent way too long devising a reasonable moveset. In other news, Defeatist is probably the most depressing ability ever. ;3;

Thor and Captain America are obviously Gryffindors. Tony I’ve listed as Gryffinclaw because he could be either, but Bruce is full Ravenclaw probably. And Natasha is Slytherin and Hawkeye is Hufflepuff. Oh, Coulson is a Hufflepuff too, clearly.

These were important things that needed to be figured out.