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Last night’s #ywpd_69min, “bouquet.”

Toudou likes to get Makishima really ridiculous bouquets where none of the flowers match or go together at all. Makishima gripes about it because he knows Toudou is making fun of him, but he secretly loves them anyway.

Meanwhile, the florist kind of hates Toudou.

A-Kon bike compilation, part II.

This includes the Toudou and Makitou narihira commissioned me for, the Toudou ink sketch I threw at her that I forgot to take a picture of, the ONE BIKE COMMISSION (pencil sketch of Makishima) I got from someone other than Lore, lol, and the Toumaki trade sketch I did for superthird! Also: elefluff gave me sticker paper so I drew dumb blob heads for her and tearu.

The Tadokoro I drew for funsies that should totally be captioned “OXYGENNNNNN” is available if anyone wants him, but I think I’m keeping the T2 in this batch for myself. U_U

And I think that rounds out the bikes I drew this weekend. o_o

I think I spent every second of downtime at A-Kon drawing bike doodles, and there was a fair bit of downtime. If you held me up by my ankles and shook me, bike anime would fall out. (There was another Toudou doodle, too, but I forgot to take a picture of it…)

All of these doodles were thrown at or snatched up by friends though, so they’re not available anymore!

WELL…since bikes is all about how friendship is magic….

Really dumb crossover rambling below!

I didn’t really bother thinking of serious cutie marks for anyone because I figured that running/racing wasn’t really a special talent for any of them. They just all like to run. Since a lot of cutie marks seem kind of career-based, Toudou might have something for hot springs or whatever? Maki-chan can have something fashion-related? I’m only following the anime at the moment, so idk what happens to them after they graduate…

Some of them might end up racing for a career, sure. Maybe Imaizumi would have something that depicted speed or…obsessive dedication, haha. WHO KNOWS. I don’t think I was thinking much about a real MLP crossover as much as I just wanted to draw them as ponies. Naruko would probably be a pegasus, too. Maybe Toudou also. Hmm.

The joke cutie marks I have for Toudou and Onoda are a mirror and a princess crown, btw… 8D;;